Cover reveal of Once Upon An ABC!

I am thrilled today to be able to reveal the spectacular front cover of Once Upon An ABC, the first of my two picture book titles to come out next year with Little Hare. It’s illustrated by the fantastic Chris Nielsen, whose gorgeous style, bursting with verve and vivid colour, is simply irresistible!

Here’s what the blurb will say: A romp through both the alphabet and the world of folklore..Sophie Masson’s lively verse gathers together a dazzling range of folklore, made vividly contemporary with Chris Nielsen’s striking artwork.

The book will be out in April 2017.


2 thoughts on “Cover reveal of Once Upon An ABC!

  1. Thanks for this news, Sophie, and congrats on the delightful cover. It reminds me of an alphabet frieze that Mum painted for me and my sisters when we were children. Hooray for calligraphy, pictograms and… Once Upon a Time. Please keep us all in the loop about your publication date. Oh, and we’re excited about your Pied Piper spin too!


    • Thank you very much! Yes, it’s such a gorgeous cover..really makes you want to pick up the book! How lovely that it reminded you of such beautiful childhood memories..Book’s release is April 8 2017–hopefully there might be a launch but will let you know if so! And would be very happy to ask my publisher to send a review copy as well by the way.
      Glad you like the Pied Piper article too!


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