A turn off the page: writing an audio novel

On this page I’m gathering together the posts I’ve been writing about A Hundred Words for Butterfly (original working title was A Turn off the Path) the short novel for adults I’ve been creating which is intended to go straight to the audio format. I was lucky enough to get a Small Project Grant from Create NSW to write the first draft of the novel, and in the first half of 2021 I did just that. Part of my grant also included writing posts about the novel and its development.

The first post introduced the project, and the novel: https://firebirdfeathers.com/2021/01/19/new-blog-series-writing-an-audio-novel-part-1/

In the second post, when I was three chapters into the writing of the book, I looked at some of the differences I had already encountered between writing a novel for print and for audio: https://firebirdfeathers.com/2021/01/27/writing-an-audio-novel-part-2/

In the third post, I looked at the Basque elements of the novel, and my own family and ancestral connections there: https://firebirdfeathers.com/2021/02/24/the-basque-elements-of-a-turn-off-the-path/

I wrote a post for the international blog Writer Unboxed about it, and attracted some interesting comments.

Here’s a post about coming up with a new title for the novel: no longer called A Turn off the Path, but A Hundred Words for Butterfly.

This post announced an exciting development for the novel, which has now been acquired by an audio publisher.

This one marked a milestone: when the finished, edited book was sent off to the publisher.

A post with a difference, about ‘the Famous Pepper’ which is mentioned several times in the book!

Three posts featuring recipes for a three-course, simple Basque-inspired meal, with the kinds of dishes my characters enjoy in the book:

First post: Four simple entrees, snacks, lunch dishes

Second post: Axoa, a classic main dish, in both meat and vegetarian versions

Third post: the delectable Gateau Basque, classic cake of the Pays Basque