A turn off the page: writing an audio novel

On this page I’m gathering together the posts I’ve been writing about A Hundred Words for Butterfly (original working title was A Turn off the Path) the short novel for adults I’ve been creating which is intended to go straight to the audio format. I was lucky enough to get a Small Project Grant from Create NSW to write the first draft of the novel, and in the first half of 2021 I did just that. Part of my grant also included writing posts about the novel and its development.

The first post introduced the project, and the novel: https://firebirdfeathers.com/2021/01/19/new-blog-series-writing-an-audio-novel-part-1/

In the second post, when I was three chapters into the writing of the book, I looked at some of the differences I had already encountered between writing a novel for print and for audio: https://firebirdfeathers.com/2021/01/27/writing-an-audio-novel-part-2/

In the third post, I looked at the Basque elements of the novel, and my own family and ancestral connections there: https://firebirdfeathers.com/2021/02/24/the-basque-elements-of-a-turn-off-the-path/

I wrote a post for the international blog Writer Unboxed about it, and attracted some interesting comments.

Here’s a post about coming up with a new title for the novel: no longer called A Turn off the Path, but A Hundred Words for Butterfly.

This post announced an exciting development for the novel, which has now been acquired by an audio publisher.

This one marked a milestone: when the finished, edited book was sent off to the publisher.

A post with a difference, about ‘the Famous Pepper’ which is mentioned several times in the book!

Three posts featuring recipes for a three-course, simple Basque-inspired meal, with the kinds of dishes my characters enjoy in the book:

First post: Four simple entrees, snacks, lunch dishes

Second post: Axoa, a classic main dish, in both meat and vegetarian versions

Third post: the delectable Gateau Basque, classic cake of the Pays Basque

In the run-up to the release of the novel, some exciting stuff:

A fabulous writing competition

A watch party for a little video clip I made about what the Basque country means to me

An ingredients and prep video for my Basque cookalong on Facebook Live on August 27

A video about my artist sister Camille who lives in the Basque country

The recipe for ttoro, the Basque fish soup from St Jean de Luz, which featured in my cookalong; there’s also a video version of the full recipe

The reveal of the gorgeous cover of A Hundred Words for Butterfly

A fascinating interview with the cover designer, Bettina Kaiser

About the publication party celebration online on September 15

The book now available for purchase at several audiobook retailers

Fabulous cocktail recipes by Abby Rose for the celebration party

Ideas for pintxos (Basque tapas) to go with Abby’s cocktails

The reveal of the beautiful atmospheric trailer of A Hundred Words for Butterfly

The first review of the book!

Links to the celebratory event on September 15

A post I wrote for Writer Unboxed about the brilliant Spineless Wonders marketing strategy for the book

A new review, and the day of the launch of A Hundred Words for Butterfly

A lovely digital magazine produced for the launch of A Hundred Words for Butterfly, featuring the work of the winning and shortlisted writers in the #100words4butterfly comp, as well as my Basque-themed recipes

The final Basque dish to celebrate A Hundred Words for Butterfly: my version of the classic fish/seafood dish, merlu koskera.


Receiving my copies in a meeting with members of the Spineless Wonders publishing team