So excited about my two picture books coming next year!

I had a great meeting in Sydney this week with the lovely publisher from Little Hare, Margrete Lamond, as well as my fabulous agent, Margaret Connolly. The topics under discussion were my two picture books with Little Hare, which will be both coming out next year, so exciting! And the illustrators who are going to work on them are fantastic–and both have very striking styles. Can’t wait to see what they come up with!

The first, Two Rainbows, about a child from a farm who now lives in the city, will be illustrated by Michael McMahon, and you can see a little bit of his illustration work here.

The second, Once Upon An Abc, which is a quirky ABC book based on characters from folk and fairy tales, will be illustrated by Christopher Nielsen, and his work both as an illustrator and designer is showcased here.


4 thoughts on “So excited about my two picture books coming next year!

  1. That sounds very exciting, Sophie, for sure!!
    I love the sound of the quirky ABC book – particularly as Christopher Nielsen was the illustrator for my book, ‘Ali Berber and the Forty Grains of Salt’. He captured brilliantly the whole feel of my story, and I love his style.


  2. Fantastic news Sophie – congratulations!

    Wendy Blaxland


    19 Lisa Valley Close Wahroonga NSW 2076 AUSTRALIA ph +61 02 9489 4955, m 0411 071 273

    This pool my ocean

    A random gust brings this flotilla:

    a curled green leaf,

    stem upturned to show the swelling belly

    of a Viking ship’s prow;

    two gum leaves stuck together,

    one curved out like a sail filled with wind‒

    then a small flat leaf,

    heaven-sent raft for a drowning ant.

    4 shows


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