Countdown to release of Trinity: The False Prince!

Falseprincequotes1Exciting: Today it’s 28 days till my new novel, Trinity: The False Prince, the sequel to last year’s Trinity: The Koldun Code, is published on October 5 by Momentum(as an e-book first, followed by print publication a month later). To celebrate and mark the beginning of the countdown to publication day, here’s an intriguing quote from the very beginning of the book!

And in the weeks to come there’ll be more enticing quotes–watch this space!

My take on Shakespeare’s final years: a mix of novella and play

A few yshakespeare_williamears ago, I wrote a rather unusual–not to say odd!–piece of writing called Shakespeare’s Last Play, which is a mix of play and novella, set in Stratford, in the last year of Shakespeare’s life. Knowing it was unlikely to attract the interest of publishers, I published it myself as a short e-book through my PressBooks site. It’s available there for reading, free, on a Creative Commons license.

I re-read it the other day and thought it was worthwhile drawing readers’ attention to it again. Here’s the introduction:

I’ve always been fascinated by the fact that in the last few years of his life, Shakespeare retired to his native Stratford and to all intents and purposes never wrote another play, at least not under his own name(there is some indication he may have collaborated with others.) What makes such a great writer, so driven, imaginative and very much a part of London theatre life, suddenly fall silent? What might his life have been like, in those final years at Stratford? These questions, and reading somewhere that not long before Shakespeare’s death, his writer friends Ben Jonson and Michael Drayton and theatre manager John Hemmings visited him in Stratford, were the inspiration for this book.

I chose to write it in an unusual format, half novella, half play, as a way of evoking an atmosphere half-way between the page and the theatre.

You can read the full work here.

My sister Camille’s excellent piece in Art View

camille photoMy sister Camille Masson-Talansier is a gifted and versatile artist whose spectacular paintings and installations are attracting excellent reviews and attention. Recently returned from a month-long artist residency in Karelia, northern Russia, she has written an excellent piece on the many inspirations of her art, published in the latest issue of the fabulous online cross-arts magazine Art View, and illustrated with gorgeous photos of her art. You can read it free online here. (Camille’s piece is on pages 30–33).camille green forest

Delighted to be part of this fantastic new anthology

RIch and Rare FRONT coverSneak peek–with the permission of Paul Collins at Ford Street Publishing–at a fantastic new YA anthology, Rich and Rare, coming out in October. The anthology features an amazing roll-call of some of Australia’s best writers and illustrators for young people, and I was honoured to be chosen to write the foreword. Don’t you just love the fabulous cover, created by the great Shaun Tan?