Windmills: a poem for children

Inspired by seeing so many windmills in Europe–in Germany, France, and the UK–I wrote this little poem–for children, but I hope enjoyable for everyone!


by Sophie Masson

The giants on the hill paddle in bright air,
Eddies of fine cloud flying everywhere.
A gust of wind excites them as they gather in the crop;
A sunny stillness quiets them, their arms go slow, then stop.
In humming rows they stand,
White giants across the land,
Waiting for a breeze to blow,
Waiting for a chance to show
They thresh the wind without a care,
And harvest and mill the breath of air,
To turn into heat and light,
Far away and out of sight.
In humming rows they stand,
White giants across the land,
Looking across the seas,
Waiting for the breeze.

Copyright Sophie Masson, 2015.

Children’s poetry a winner in lovely pre-Christmas news

DSCN0055Lovely bit of pre-Christmas news: one of my new poems for children, Seagull Beach Party, has been selected for inclusion in the fabulous forthcoming anthology, One Minute till Bedtime, to be published in the USA by Little, Brown, in 2015. It’s doubly satisfying because the poems have been chosen and compiled by Kenn Nesbitt, US Children’s Poet Laureate. Pretty happy I must say!

My poetry for children has been going really well this year, with one poem winning a prize and another a highly commended, three poems chosen to be published in The School Magazine(one, ‘Wings’, appeared this year; the other two will appear next year) and three poems commissioned by the New England Conservatorium and set to music. These were performed by choirs of hundreds of school children at the gala 10th anniversary concert of New England Sings. And now this nice bit of news from the US. It’s sure been a very nice poetic year!