Owl, Hunting: my poem in the August issue of The School Magazine

I was delighted to get the latest issue of ‘Countdown’ edition of The School Magazine, where my poem Owl, Hunting, has been published, illustrated by the fabulous Marjorie Crosby-Fairall. And Marjorie’s illustration is also on the cover of the magazine, which is great!

I wrote this poem on a visit to my father’s place in the green, wooded countryside of south-west France. One night I woke to hear an owl hooting close by. Listening to the lonely, evocative sound, and imagining the night scene outside, the poem just jumped into my head at that moment.


2 thoughts on “Owl, Hunting: my poem in the August issue of The School Magazine

  1. Congratulations, Sophie!

    Wendy Blaxland


    19 Lisa Valley Close Wahroonga NSW 2076 AUSTRALIA ph +61 02 9489 4955, m 0411 071 273

    The business of life

    The business of life is is-ness.

    Not crossing off lists,

    but listening to

    the tip-tapping of raindrops,

    the curl of bird-calls,

    catching glimpses of spider-silk

    knitting air into patterns,

    feeling currents of wind

    swirling round our skin

    from fingers to toe-tips,

    as our lungs unfold

    to hold that rich flow

    of the rhythms of life.


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