Revealing the gorgeous cover of French Fairy Tales

Absolutely delighted to be able to reveal the gorgeous cover of my forthcoming book, French Fairy Tales, illustrated by the wonderful Lorena Carrington, to be published by Serenity Press in late October this year!

The book is a collection of five French fairy tales which I’ve chosen, translated and retold. Each means something special to me, and they come from different parts of France, including those where my family originates. Some are stories that have never been translated into English before, and some you might think you know well but which in these entirely newly translated and retold versions will, I think, surprise, and hopefully, delight you!

This project has been a dream of mine for a long time, and creating the retellings was such a pleasure. I am just so thrilled that Serenity Press not only loved them, but also paired me with such a fantastic artist as Lorena, whose extraordinary illustrations, inspired not only by the stories but by her own visits to France, so astonishingly bring to enchanting visual life the magic of these beautiful tales.



3 thoughts on “Revealing the gorgeous cover of French Fairy Tales

  1. Just gorgeous, Sophie! Congratulations.

    Wendy Blaxland


    19 Lisa Valley Close Wahroonga NSW 2076 AUSTRALIA ph +61 02 9489 4955, m 0411 071 273

    Collaroy rock pool

    Today I entered a rock pool carved from sea

    for the first time in–how long?

    Sliding my hands along the stainless steel rails

    produced a white scurf. Salt!

    The pool seemed immense, peopled by serious swimmers

    as I nervously breast-paddled through.

    At its seaward edge swells burst into clean white spray

    and my eyes travelled far from land.

    Above, the blue sky held high white clouds

    like angel wings arched above.

    My head tilted back and I took deep breaths

    as the salt water soothed my soul.

    Gannets drew straight dark lines in the air

    while toddlers rushed to explore.

    In a blink it was time to go. Push a button

    and clear water sluices the salt.

    Shed my bathers, zip on new clothes

    and emerge to a different world.

    A heavy layer of dark grey clouds

    hangs low and a wind blows hard.

    The gannets have left, and the families flown,

    their babies wrapped tight in towels.

    Then, safe in our car, I exhale a deep breath–

    Enjoyment? Relief? Maybe both.


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