A double launch for me!


I am delighted and excited to announce that two of my upcoming books will be launched in Sydney on Saturday March 18, 2 pm, at the gorgeous Children’s Bookshop in Beecroft!

The two books are my novel for older readers, Jack of Spades, whose lovely cover and internal illustrations are by Yvonne Low, published by Eagle Books; and Once Upon An ABC, my picture-book with the fabulous illustrator Christopher Nielsen, published by Little Hare. Both books are released in April, but we’re doing a pre-release celebratory launch! Jack of Spades will be launched by fellow author Pamela Freeman while bookseller extraordinaire Paul Macdonald will do the honours for Once Upon An ABC. Yvonne and Christopher will also be there to talk and sign books with me, it’s going to be a fantastic event. Come join us for the celebration, all very welcome!



2 thoughts on “A double launch for me!

  1. Will definitely be there Sophie! Know Yvonne too…J

    The books look quite splendid…

    Wendy Blaxland


    http://www.wendyblaxland.com http://www.blaxlandanddaughter.com

    19 Lisa Valley Close Wahroonga NSW 2076 AUSTRALIA ph +61 02 9489 4955, m 0411 071 273

    Alice in WonderlandBanner 6Pioneers in Petticoats


    I take my first step down into the water.

    Bliss. Full weightlessness awaits.

    Psst. Be careful.

    Check for fellow creatures, good and bad.

    Oh, no. To the right, a bull ant walking on the surface tension of the water!

    A recent bull ant sting jolted like fire.

    Should I rescue it?

    Turn my head. There, on the left,

    a golden skink scouts for food along the pool lip.

    Should I approach?

    Instead I stop:

    watch, as the bull ant reaches the water’s edge,

    alone, in safety, then up the pool lip, over and away;

    turn to see the skink slip its tongue out,

    down to taste the water, then away.

    Neither needs me. I am free.

    I slide fully into that cool water;

    hang there, head upturned to the sun.


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