Guest post by Karly Lane: Life as a mum and full time writer

lane_karlyToday, I’m very pleased to present a great guest post by bestselling Australian author Karly Lane, as part of her blog tour for her new book, Third Time Lucky. 

Life as a mum and full time writer

by Karly Lane

Become a writer, they said. It’ll be fun, they said… oh, and just to make it extra interesting, do it while you have 4 kids at home and a part time job.

Writing with children…how do I explain this? Okay, picture a battlefield, with explosions and machine gun fire and bombs dropping from the air, all around you… and in the middle of all this you’re trying to write a deeply emotional love scene… that’s kinda what it’s like.

Mum! I’m hungry. Mum! He’s looking at me funny. Mum! She’s trying to put the chook into the freezer. Mum!!!!

Looking back at those first few crazy years of my writing career, I’m surprised that I managed to get one book written, little own four, before I was finally able to give up my part time job and work full time as a writer. Although giving up work was only one aspect, I still had my youngest at home for the first few years, and I can tell you with utmost confidence, Play School and Dora the Explorer DVD’s were a GODSEND. Although, I still have issues with Dora…why was this small child allowed to go exploring alone, where was her mother? She was probably and author, inside, writing a book. ‘Go outside and play, Dora…’

Those first few years were crazy. But it did teach me a lot of important things like; sleep… its completely overrated.

Coffee; will become the only vital food group. God help everyone in the household if we run out though…

It taught me to ignore the noise around you; if anyone ever tells you, you need softly playing piano music and scented candles in order to get you in a creative mood to write—they’ve obviously had far too much time on their hands and quite possibly—a nanny. I’ve written love scenes while refereeing fights between my children. You don’t need music—you need focus. If you’re a mother—you already know how to do more than one thing at a time. It’s called multitasking and if you can do that, you can write a novel while you have kids.9781760291822

I can honestly say, I got more productive writing done during the years I both worked part time and had children at home, than I’ve ever done since. Sure, now, with six hours of just me and the cat at home, writing is a lot more calmer and quiet…but it also gives me opportunities to ‘just go down and sniff the horses for a minute (they smell so good!) or, just go online and see what’s happening on facebook… All dangerous and time wasting ways not to get any writing done.

If there’s anything positive to take away from this, I hope that it’s to shut down that excuse about waiting until the kids go to school, before you start writing that book you want to write… Because putting it off—isn’t getting it written. There won’t ever be a perfect time to start writing—so find a DVD…turn on Playschool…and sit down and do it.



About Third Time Lucky:

When her marriage ends, December Doyle returns home to Christmas Creek. Will she conquer her fear of heartbreak? A heart-warming novel about betrayal, ambition and the power of love.

 After a disastrous marriage, December Doyle has returned to her home town to try to pick up the pieces of her life and start again. She’s also intent on helping breathe new life into the Christmas Creek township, so the last thing she needs is trouble.

Bad boy Seth Hunter has also returned to Christmas Creek, and trouble is his middle name. Wrongly convicted of a serious crime in his youth, Seth is now a successful businessman, but he’s intent on settling some old scores.

As teenagers, December and Seth were madly in love, and seeing each other again reawakens past feelings. But will Seth be able to overcome his destructive anger about the past, and can December conquer her fear of heartbreak to make their relationship third time lucky?

By the bestselling author of Second Chance Town, this compelling novel is about betrayal, ambition and the power of forgiveness – and love.

About Karly Lane:

Karly Lane is the best-selling author of nine novels including Second Chance Town, Gemma’s Bluff, and Bridie’s Choice. A certified small town girl, Karly is most happy in a little town where everyone knows who your grandparents were. Her novels range from romantic suspense to family saga, and she is passionate about writing stories that embrace rural Australia and the vast communities within it. She lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of NSW with her husband and four children.




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