Authors’ pick 22: Sheryl Gwyther

La Rumeur de VeniseToday’s authors’ pick has been chosen by Sheryl Gwyther.

How to pick one from my mostly brilliant reads this year? So tricky – they were all a joy. Books like Cass Moriarty’s moving debut novel, The Promise Seed; Claire Zorn’s YA novel, The Protected; Michael Robotham’s Close your Eyes, and Meg McKinlay’s A Single Stone.

In the end, my very favourite read was a children’s picture book… La Rumeur de Venise, by the award-winning Swiss illustrator, Albertine. I knew it had a fair chance of being special – her other works (mostly co-creations with her author partner, Germano Zullo) all have a unique way of seeing the world.

The Rumour of Venice’s images cleverly capture the pervasiveness of gossip. No words are needed as a rumour about a giant fish caught by a fisherman floats from one canal dwelling to the next, and each person’s re-telling bringing increasingly bizarre. A funny, witty concertina book adults will appreciate; and a game as children follow the action, La Rumeur de Venise is a delight. And especially so if you are open to Albertine’s magical combination of colourful collage and whimsical drawings set in Venice. A book to keep.

Award-winning author, Sheryl Gwyther writes children’s novels, short stories, school plays, and Flash Fiction for adults. Her website is at:

Sheryl Gwyther image

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