Authors’ pick 2: Hazel Edwards

hannaToday, popular children’s author Hazel Edwards, who I also interviewed on my blog a little while back, tells us about her favourite book for 2015.

Title: Hanna: My Holocaust Story

Author: Goldie Alexander

Publisher:  Scholastic

Publication Date: March 2015  $16.99 RRP

 Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9781743629673

Type:  Historical fiction



We need heroes.  And we need to know about ‘real’ events. But it’s so difficult to write authentically about historic ,tragic events from the perspective of a young person AND still retain 13 year old reader interest. And it’s hard to find historical books that are pitched at : ‘How would I react  if I were there then?’

The tone is appropriate in this book, ‘Hanna My Holocaust Story’ , and the telling is not emotionally overwhelming. Well paced.  Author got the balance right. Even the cover works.

Hazel in bathHazel Edwards often reads in the bath (not usually with clothes on).This fun photo about author workspaces was taken by the Copyright Agency. Her memoir ‘Not Just a Piece of Cake:Being an Author’ (Brolga) is available in print & e-book.

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