Guest posting on Felicity Pulman’s blog

I have a guest post today on fellow author Felicity Pulman’s blog. Entitled, ‘A time traveller between worlds’, it’s about how my multicultural background and turbulent family history were more than bit players in turning me into a writer, and particularly a writer of fantasy and other speculative fiction.

Here’s a short extract:

One of the reasons why I took instinctively, from a young age, to reading and later writing fantasy, and also fiction with supernatural elements, is linked to something right at the heart of my childhood. Of course it’s often so for every writer, but in my case it has to do with something very particular. For the classic fantasy tropes of the journey between worlds, the sojourn in strange places, and the sudden irruption of a different, disturbing reality into the everyday is at the heart of my own lived experience as a bilingual person of multicultural background, with a family history that is to say the least, rather complex.

You can read the rest here.

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