Two days to go..

HNSA-logoOnly two days to go till the inaugural conference of the Historical Novel Society of Australia kicks off! It’s a packed program! Here’s just a few highlights:


6.00 pm – COCKTAILS

6.30 pm – WELCOME
Welcome Address by Sophie Masson, award winning novelist

7.00 pm – BOOK LAUNCH
Celebrate the launch of Felicity Pulman’s Unholy Murder
To be launched by Gillian Polack.


Enjoy a lively round table discussion with Kelly Gardiner (Chair), Deborah Challinor, Jesse Blackadder, Rachel Le Rossignol and Gillian Polack as they ponder the question: ‘What can historical novelists and historians learn from each other?


Keynote Address: ‘The ANZAC Tradition as Inspiration: Imagining the Past; Claiming the Present’

In commemoration of the centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign, international bestselling author, Colin Falconer, will address the changing attitudes towards the ANZAC tradition which has inspired Australian historical fiction over the past 100 years.

11.15 am-12.15 pm Session Three

Tall Tales and True: How Story Tellers Imagine History

How do historical novelists weave history into fiction? What draws an author to choose a particular era, and what research do they undertake to bring past times to life? Jean Bedford talks with Isolde Martyn, Johanna NichollsJuliet Marillier and Craig Cliff about these choices.

2.15-3.15 pm            Session Five

War-torn Worlds: Historical Fiction in Times of Conflict

Vashti Farrer joins Nicole Alexander, Toni Jordan, Kim Kelly and Sophie Masson in discussing why World Wars I and II inspire their fiction, and the challenge of depicting characters who must either overcome, or succumb to, the turbulence of war.


 9.45-10.45 am  Session Two

What is it about the Tudors?

The world’s appetite for historical fiction set in Tudor times continues to grow. What is it about this particular royal house that is so compelling? Are publishers ‘playing it safe’ by not encouraging novels set in other eras? What impact has Tudor fiction had on the popularity of historical fiction as a genre? Rachel Le Rossignol joins Natalie Grueninger, Wendy J Dunn, Barbara Gaskell Denvil and Jane Caro will explore the phenomenon of Tudorphilia.

  11.15 am-12.15 pm         Session Three

Historical Fiction Sub-genres: Intrigue, Mystery, Fantasies and Time-slip

Blending different genres within historical fiction is an increasing trend. What challenges do authors face when intertwining mystery or fantasy with history? And why are readers drawn to tales of characters who travel across time? Posie Graeme-Evans joins Kate Forsyth, Sulari Gentill, Belinda Murrell and Felicity Pulman to enlighten us.

3.50-4.50 pm  Session Six

In Bed with History: Sexy, Saucy and Sizzling Bedroom Scenes – A Romp!

Prepare to get hot under the collar as Kate Forsyth, Jesse Blackadder and Colin Falconer break down closed bedroom doors and read their racier scenes.




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