25 years since my first book came out

2015 is a big year for me, for it marks 25 years since my first book, The House in the Rainforest(University of Queensland Press, adult novel) came out, in April 1990; followed just a few months later by my second book, Fire in the Sky(Angus and Robertson, children’s novel) which came out in July 1990. At the time, I was living in Guyra, in the high cold country of New England in northern NSW, with my husband David and three young children–in fact, the youngest, Bevis, born in September 1989, was a very small baby when my first book came out, while Xavier had just turned three and Pippa was eight. It was an amazing, thrilling, hectic, productive, extraordinary time, and today, I want to celebrate that wonderful milestone with a bit of a gallery of pics of significant documents from that time. The first is from The House in the Rainforest; the second from Fire in the Sky. Many of them are from my scrapbooks, so a bit tatty at times!


Fire in the Sky


4 thoughts on “25 years since my first book came out

  1. What a special milestone to look back on (and I refuse to call it a kilometre stone!) Congratulations on your brilliant career, with many more years to come!


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