2 thoughts on “Cover reveal!

  1. Hi Sophie,
    My names is Jules and I am Paul Budde’s PA. He has just sent me the info for your new book, Trinity. It sounds amazing and I can’t wait to read it. I noticed that you can buy the Kindle version on the 13th November and the print version on the 4th December? I am part of a local book club and it just so happens that I am choosing the next book. I would love to use your book as my choice for this month. Some of us love to read on the Kindle but some of the older ladies prefer a printed book. My question is, where can we purchase the print version of your book?


    • Thanks very much for your comment, Jules. I am very happy you are considering my book for your book club! Re the print version, it will be for sale in online bookshops, such as, in Australia, Booktopia, and in the US and UK, Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc. It can also can be ordered through your local bookshop(you just need to tell them that they need to go through Lightning Source, which will supply the book to bookshops).
      Thanks again for your interest! Should you decide to choose the book for your bookclub, I’d be also very happy to answer any questions members may have.


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