A writing life in singular times–my post on Writer Unboxed

Today, on Writer Unboxed, the international writing blog to which I am a regular contributor, I write about the impact that these very strange times we are all going through has has on my writing life, and how I’ve tried to deal with it in various ways.

I wrote it in the hope it may help other writers struggling with the same things, and on Writer Unboxed, I’ve asked to hear about other people’s experiences–and I hope readers of this blog might visit Writer Unboxed and consider sharing theirs.

One thought on “A writing life in singular times–my post on Writer Unboxed

  1. Excellent article Sophie. Have put on my Facebook PROV Complete Your Book in a Year page.

    My Pandemic time:

    Wrote ‘Complete Your Book in a Year’ manual which Bookpod publishing, exchanging daiiy letters/crosswords activities with 9 year old grandson, walks around oval, Petanque, Scrabble and decluttering files which made me realise how much work had gone into numerous projects which didn’t happen. Learning by doing, Zoom and jitsu. Skilling self online. Finished Hijabi Girl 2 because of the fabulous Larrikin puppeteers which have been the most creative thing during the ‘down’ time. They’ve demonstrated how you keep creating despite pandemics whereas the bigger organisations have just shut up shop. Did a reluctant extra domestic ‘de-clutter’ daily and was VERY grateful to daughter Kim for shopping etc for us as at 85 Garnet is in the vulnerable and need to stay at home age. Our son in law is working on the virus trials at Cabrini and he’s a good infectitious diseases researcher. Great neighbours who drop off ‘lasagne’ etc.

    So, grateful for what we have and trying to help others.




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