Lovely review of The Tyrant’s Nephew

Lovely to read a great new review of a book I wrote quite some time ago: The Tyrant’s Nephew. Here’s an extract of the review, by fabulous musician and fairy folklore expert, Louisa John-Krol.

A guild of Carpet-Enchantresses, a Jinn Cat born of smokeless flame, Suloowa (murderous mermaids), werewolf clans, Shadow Walkers… what more do we need? This is the fantasy I love, set in exotic magic-realist landscapes where cars and gasmasks are interspersed with flying rugs and rituals to separate souls from bodies. Yay! There is even a gold crystal ball with an opal sphere within, like an eyeball, set on a stand, glittering and glowing, emitting a sinister hum: invidious spyware. Yes, my kind of book.

You can read the full review here.

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