Looking for Creative Opportunity: An Interview with Sophie Masson

Interview with me on the Ink Ashlings blog about Eagle Books and Christmas Press and our wonderful project, bringing back Jules Verne’s wonderful adventure classic, Mikhail Strogoff, to English-speaking audiences.


Many people know Sophie as the writer of a number of popular of books across many different genres and age ranges. Some may know of the work she does to support emerging writers through writers centre programs and roles with national writers bodies such as the ASA. However, many are unfamiliar with her latest business adventure – one of the directors and brains behind two new small presses – so I asked Sophie to answer some questions for the blog to fill us all in!

Sophie portrait blue and red

1. Tell us a bit about Christmas Press and its imprint Eagle books.

Christmas Press is a small children’s publisher, a partnership business between four creators: myself; illustrator and designer David Allan; author and illustrator Fiona McDonald; and writer and editor Beattie Alvarez. We started in 2013 and to date(March 2015) have published 4 books – three picture books featuring retellings of traditional tales –…

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