My favourite things on Historical Novel Society blog

HNSA-logoIn this second of my posts about the Historical Novel Society of Australasia’s inaugural conference later this month, I’m linking to a quick interview I did regarding my favourite things–published now on the HNSA blog. Here’s a short extract:

A few of my favourite things…

Book as a child and as a teenager?

As a child: Jules Verne’s fabulous adventure novel, Michel Strogoff, set in the Russia of the Tsars. As a teenager: Katherine, by Anya Seton, set in the Middle Ages in England.


I love lots of authors, hard to choose! If we’re talking of historical novelists, here are a few: Alexandre Dumas, Theophile Gautier(I grew up in a French-speaking family so much of my childhood reading was in French and I still read a lot in that language); Anya Seton, Sigrid Undset, Robert Graves, Jean Plaidy, Philippa Gregory. And lots more!

Period of history?

Difficult to choose! I love the Middle Ages but also the 19th century, the Renaissance, and the Ancient Roman age.

Read the whole thing here!

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