Life imitates art: Russian mystery rings a Trinity bell!

Life imitating art: just caught up with an extraordinary story from the Wall Street Journal by journalist Bradley Hope, about a Russian mystery revolving around a business, and which rang some Trinity bells for me! You can read the full article here, but here’s the beginning:

Blackfield Capital CJSC was one of Moscow’s hottest hedge funds, hosting glitzy parties and embarking on ambitious plans to expand to the U.S.

The firm’s founder in 2013 even rented a Manhattan apartment for a record-setting price, according to a real-estate broker, and instructed his U.S. staff to buy a $300,000 sports car.

Now, the founder is missing, allegedly along with all of the firm’s assets, according to former employees, in an international mystery that has captivated Moscow’s investment community.

The firm’s employees didn’t know anything was amiss until mid-October, when three men charged into Blackfield’s offices in an upscale complex along the Moscow River in central Moscow, said people who were there.

Incidentally, the central mystery around the deaths of the three Trinity founders was inspired by yet another weird Russian enigma, this time set in Australia: the unsolved murder of ex-KGB colonel and shady businessman Gennady Bernovski on the Gold Coast in 2014. Police have recently re-opened this cold case, but without success so far. Read more here.


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