The Paris Cooking School

On this page, you’ll find news, pics, recipes, all centred around The Paris Cooking School, my forthcoming novel (under the name of Sophie Beaumont) coming out with Ultimo Press in November 2023.

Springtime in Paris:

Is there anything more beautiful than Paris in the spring? The novel is set during one lovely April, and here below, to help set the scene, are a few photos I’ve taken in various Paris springtimes, over the years. Hope you enjoy!

The River Seine

Named after the Gallo-Roman goddess Sequana, the Seine flows through Paris and through the action and setting of The Paris Cooking School. Once the lifeblood of trade and transport in the city, today the Seine is still at the centre of much of the city’s life, attracting picnickers, walkers, musicians, street performers, tourists and locals, day and night. Here, to celebrate the fabled river, are photos of her and her people, which I’ve taken at various times over the years…