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Why ‘Feathers of the Firebird’? Well, there’s a Russian legend sophie recentthat says that when the firebird flies over the land, and one of her red-gold feathers drops to the ground, then inspiration will spark off, and a new story begins.

The perfect symbol and mascot for a writer–and one I’ve happily adopted! I love the beauty of the firebird image and sometimes wear a firebird brooch to remind me that writing isn’t just about hard work–it can be sheer, serendipitous magic.

This blog is about that magic–with some of the hard work as well! In it, I will not only profile my own work, but also that of other writers and creators through interviews and guest posts. And even wider than that, the environment in which we all work: the book industry, in its many aspects and transformations.


3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. You may remember when you kindly provided a couple of pieces to Pendragon, the Journal of the Pendragon Society way back when, one a short Arthurian tale on the Questing Beast and the second a report on the first conference of the Arthurian Association of Australia; I was the journal editor until the Society called it a day after 50 years of existence. Good to see you’re still flourishing and a prolific writer in several genres, many with an Arthurian influence!

    Anyway, just to thank you for your contributions all that time ago. Am I correct in thinking that the Association is no longer functioning? A shame, but it’s clear Arthuriana is never really going to go away.

    Chris Lovegrove, sometime editor Pendragon until 2009


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